the women
Kristin Hannah
In 1965, a nursing student follows her brother to serve during the Vietnam War and returns to a divided America.
table for two
Amor Towles
A collection of six short stories based in New York City around the year 2000 and a novella set during the Golden Age of Hollywood.
fourth wing
Rebecca Yarros
Violet Sorrengail is urged by the commanding general, who also is her mother, to become a candidate for the elite dragon riders.
iron flame
Rebecca Yarros
The second book in the Empyrean series. Violet Sorrengail’s next round of training might require her to betray the man she loves.
Percival Everett
A reimagining of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” shines a different light on Mark Twain's classic, revealing new facets of the character of Jim.
the #1 lawyer
James Patterson and Nancy Allen
A criminal defense attorney in Biloxi becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s murder.
the heaven & earth grocery store
James McBride
Secrets held by the residents of a dilapidated neighborhood come to life when a skeleton is found at the bottom of a well.
she's not sorry
Mary Kubica
A single mom and I.C.U. nurse gets wrapped up in the mystery of a patient named Caitlin who suffered a traumatic brain injury.
city in ruins
Don Winslow
The third book in the Danny Ryan trilogy. Warring factions are revived when the dock worker turned casino mogul tries to build a dream resort on prime Vegas real estate.
remarkably bright creatures
Shel Van Pelt
A widow working the night shift at the Sowell Bay Aquarium is aided in solving a mystery by a giant Pacific octopus living there.
a fate inked in blood
Danielle L. Jensen
After the secret of her magic to repel attacks is revealed, Freya encounters dangerous tests by the gods.
the husbands
Holly Gramazio
An infinite supply of husbands emerges from the attic in Lauren’s flat in London.
first lie wins
Ashley Elston
A woman who works for a mysterious boss takes on a new identity to dig up information on someone.
house of flame and shadow
Sarah J. Maas
The third book in the Crescent City series. Bryce wants to return home while Hunt is trapped in Asteri's dungeons.
the truth about the devlins
Lisa Scottoline
Seeking to turn around a troubled past, TJ Devlin joins his family’s law firm as an investigator and learns that his brother murdered a client.
the anxious generation
Jonathan Haidt
A co-author of “The Coddling of the American Mind” looks at the mental health impacts that a phone-based life has on children.
age of revolutions
Fareed Zakaria
The CNN host draws out lessons for the present polarized era from the 17th-century Netherlands, the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution.
the wager
David Grann
The survivors of a shipwrecked British vessel on a secret mission during an imperial war with Spain have different accounts of events.
the false white gospel
Jim Wallis
The author of “God’s Politics” shares his perspectives on White Christian Nationalism and examines ideas found within iconic texts on the meaning of biblical faith.
never leave the dogs behind
Brianna Madia
The author of “Nowhere for Very Long” chronicles her time after a divorce when she was living with four dogs in a trailer in the Southwest desert.
i'm glad my mom died
Jennette McCurdy
The actress and filmmaker describes her eating disorders and difficult relationship with her mother.
Peter Attia with Bill Gifford
A look at recent scientific research on aging and longevity.
get it together
Jesse Watters
The Fox News host gives his take on some people whose political views differ from the ones to which he subscribes.
Ethan Mollick
A professor of management at Wharton prescribes ways to collaborate with artificial intelligence.
nuclear war
Annie Jacobsen
The author of “Operation Paperclip” portrays possible outcomes in the minutes following a nuclear missile launch.
Patric Gagne
Gagne, who was diagnosed as a sociopath when she was in college, reconnects with someone from her past who helps her chart her future.
rebel rising
Rebel Wilson
The comedic actress shares impactful experiences from her childhood in Australia to more recent obstacles in life.
becky lynch: the man
Rebecca Quin
The WWE star describes her journey from her Catholic upbringing in Ireland to her success in the wrestling ring.
blood money
Peter Schweizer
The author of “Red-Handed” depicts a scheme involving the Chinese Communist Party’s covert operations in America.
oath and honor
Liz Cheney
The former congresswoman from Wyoming recounts how she helped lead the Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6. Attack on the United States Capitol.