the women
Kristin Hannah
In 1965, a nursing student follows her brother to serve during the Vietnam War and returns to a divided America.
fourth wing
Rebecca Yarros
Violet Sorrengail is urged by the commanding general, who also is her mother, to become a candidate for the elite dragon riders.
iron flame
Rebecca Yarros
The second book in the Empyrean series. Violet Sorrengail’s next round of training might require her to betray the man she loves.
house of flame and shadow
Sarah J. Maas
The third book in the Crescent City series. Bryce wants to return home while Hunt is trapped in Asteri's dungeons.
the heaven & earth grocery store
James McBride
Secrets held by the residents of a dilapidated neighborhood come to life when a skeleton is found at the bottom of a well.
first lie wins
Ashley Elston
A woman who works for a mysterious boss takes on a new identity to dig up information on someone.
James Patterson and James O. Born
The 16th book in the Michael Bennett series. Bennett teams up with a sniper.
lessons in chemistry
Bonnie Garmus
A scientist and single mother living in California in the 1960s becomes a star on a TV cooking show.
A century-old mystery brings Corvina Clemm and Vad Deverell together at a university based in a castle at the top of a mountain with a dark history.
what feasts at night
T. Kingfisher
The second book in the Sworn Soldier series. Local superstitions greet a retired soldier returning home from a war.
remarkably bright creatures
Shel Van Pelt
A widow working the night shift at the Sowell Bay Aquarium is aided in solving a mystery by a giant Pacific octopus living there.
the fury
Alex Michaelides
Violence erupts when a former movie star brings a group of her friends to her private Greek island for Easter.
demon copperhead
Barbara Kingsolver
Winner of a 2023 Pulitzer Prize for fiction. A reimagining of Charles Dickens’s “David Copperfield” set in the mountains of southern Appalachia.
the covenant of water
Abraham Verghese
Three generations of a family living on South India’s Malabar Coast suffer the loss of a family member by drowning.
tom lake
Ann Patchett
Three daughters, who return to their family orchard in the spring of 2020, learn about their mother’s relationship with a famous actor.
the wager
David Grann
The survivors of a shipwrecked British vessel on a secret mission during an imperial war with Spain have different accounts of events.
Peter Attia with Bill Gifford
A look at recent scientific research on aging and longevity.
medgar & myrlie
Joy-Ann Reid
The MSNBC host details how the wife of the civil rights leader Medgar Evers carried forward their legacy after his assassination in 1963.
oath and honor
Liz Cheney
The former congresswoman from Wyoming recounts how she helped lead the Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6. Attack on the United States Capitol.
what have we here?
Billy Dee Williams
The stage and screen actor traces his life from his childhood in Harlem to becoming a pop culture icon.
the woman in me
Britney Spears
The Grammy Award-winning pop star details her personal and professional experiences, including the years she spent under a conservatorship overseen by her father.
friends, lovers, and the big terrible thing
Matthew Perry
The late actor, known for playing Chandler Bing on “Friends,” shares stories from his childhood and his struggles with sobriety.
i'm glad my mom died
Jennette McCurdy
The actress and filmmaker describes her eating disorders and difficult relationship with her mother.
life after power
Jared Cohen
A look at the lives of seven presidents after their time in the White House.
elon musk
Walter Isaacson
The author of “The Code Breaker” traces Musk’s life and summarizes his work on electric vehicles, private space exploration and artificial intelligence.
the grift
Clay Cane
An overview of Black Republicanism from the time of President Lincoln to the present.
the pursuit of happiness
Jeffrey Rosen
The president and chief executive of the National Constitution Center reframes a famous phrase.
the kingdom, the power, and the glory
Tim Alberta
The author of “American Carnage” looks at divisions within the American evangelical movement.
the lede
Calvin Trillin
A longtime writer for The New Yorker profiles reporters and shares stories from his time as a journalist.
hits, flops, and other illusions
Ed Zwick
The director, writer and producer recounts his four decades of working in Hollywood.